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Husqvarna to Offer National Equipment Lease Programs

March 20th, 2017

Husqvarna to Offer National Equipment Lease Programs

Husqvarna to Offer National Equipment Lease Programs

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn.  – Husqvarna has partnered with First Western Equipment Finance to offer equipment lease programs for commercial and municipal customers through their independent dealer network in the United States.

“First Western Equipment Finance has provided in-house equipment finance solutions for some of the world’s largest power equipment manufacturers. Our experience will help Husqvarna achieve its goal of generating sales, while creating lasting customer relationships,” said Conrad Magalis, Marketing Manager of First Western Equipment Finance.

First Western Equipment Finance has provided services to the turf, tree care and power equipment segments for over 30 years.

Programs include a fair market value lease (FMV), which allows customers to exchange equipment at end-of-term for new units. FMV leases decrease repair costs and help customers maintain an up-to-date fleet.

Husqvarna customers may also lease equipment with a $1.00 buy out on a monthly or seasonal payment schedule, with the intention of ownership from day-one – similar to an auto loan.

“Lease programs for the commercial landscape contractor have gained industry popularity as customers see increased productivity with periodic equipment updates, along with payments typically less than a comparable 0% finance program,” said Jay Hagen, Business Development Manager.  “We have tailored offerings for Husqvarna’s commercial and municipal customer base with these programs.”

First Western Equipment Finance finance and lease programs accommodate the seasonality of the landscape, turf and power equipment industry, with skip and annual payment plans. This approach helps minimize risk for the customer, keeping cash flow available throughout the off-season.

Programs will be available for qualified Husqvarna customers beginning March, 2017. Customers are encouraged contact First Western Equipment Finance or their equipment dealer for more information related to available finance programs.

Founded in 1972, First Western Equipment Finance provides national equipment finance and leasing services for leading brands across the United States. First Western Equipment Finance is a division of First Western Bank & Trust, of Minot, North Dakota.

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