Partner Services

First Western Equipment Finance partners with a diverse network of dealers, vendors and manufacturers across the United States to provide efficient equipment financing services. We provide equipment finance solutions for transactions of $5,000 or higher. 

Your Business Needs Come First

Partnering with First Western Equipment Finance can help your brand become more successful in the marketplace. We help you become more successful in three key areas: choosing the right equipment financing programs to present to end-customers; providing top-notch customer service; and selling products.

Bank Affiliated Equipment Financing

Bank Affiliated Equipment Financing

The benefits of working with a bank affiliated lender include competitive pricing, clear language and the fiduciary responsibility that ensures transactions are transparent and fair.

A Collaborative Approach

A Collaborative Approach

We listen to your story, where you’re at in the marketplace and what your customers want. Then, we work with you to offer the right equipment financing solutions to drive sales and create success.

You & Your Customers Both Win

You & Your Customers Both Win

We stand by our commitment to the people who matter most – your customers. We do what we say we’ll do, without gimmicks. This approach allows your team to devote more time to other business objectives.

Equipment Financing on a National Scale Since 1972

Partnering with First Western Equipment Finance means you’ll receive dedicated support from an experienced team. Since 1972, we’ve been partnering with equipment vendors and distributors — on local to national scales — helping them sell more equipment. First Western Equipment Finance is a division of First Western Bank & Trust, of Minot, North Dakota.

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10 Tips to Use Finance in Sales

Many sales are lost when the equipment sales rep does not offer financing and leaves it up to the customer to figure out a way to pay for the equipment. If their bank says no or they are not aware that you offer a solution that is not only competitive, but tailored to the equipment, you lose control and ultimately force them to reconsider their options.

This loss of control may also cause them to entertain options or proposals from your competition and you’ve opened the door to potentially discounting price or losing the sale all together because you did not control the process from beginning to end.

Read the 10 Tips Here and Download Them

Introducing DocuSign e-Signature

Your customers can now sign their finance or lease paperwork through DocuSign. DocuSign allows your customers to sign their paperwork electronically from their computer, cell phone, tablet or favorite device. Your customers can sign anytime, anywhere, from any device. This allows us to process documents much faster, making your team look like rock stars!

Additional benefits to DocuSign:

  • Eliminate missed signatures
  • Submit the paperwork to First Western Equipment Finance instantly from any device
  • Customers can easily access their paperwork electronically for future reference
  • Eco friendly
  • Convenient

Being a division of First Western Bank & Trust, First Western Equipment Finance upholds the strictest data security and privacy standards in the industry. Your customers can rest assured that they’re doing business with a bank entity, and that we’ve selected an e-signature partner that takes information security seriously. DocuSign is the leading document signing service in the USA.